Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Another complainer

And that complainer would be me. Now, I like the rain in general, but COME ON. Can we please (please, please) get some sun!?! That last photo was taken during the one millisecond of sun we've had since about June 1.

As I was standing in the yard with Eddy at 4 pm today - JULY 8th - and eating a bowl of hot oatmeal as I grumbled to myself about the peas getting knocked over by the rain again...I realized that I've officially hit the point of being completely fed up with the weather.

Let's go, sun. And that's an order.


thom said...

A local fellow tweeter left a message today noting that the last two consecutive days of full sun were April 14th and 15th.


We give up and are heading to Florida. Of course, this means a weekend full of sun. :)

Good luck getting some work in!

Karen Anne said...

This photo is from my deck looking towards my neighbors' yard a week or so ago during a heavy rain. My yard is at the low point of the road.

I sink in up to about my ankles in some parts of my yard nowadays:

click for photo

Jennifer said...

Have you gotten sun yet? My yard has loved the unseasonable and rare rain... but we get lots of sun with it.