Monday, July 20, 2009

The coolest car in the neighborhood

So, yesterday we did some planned stuff in the morning, then somehow got onto a new task we weren't planning on starting just yet - the back fence. All we really wanted to do was do a little measuring and figure out the general spacing, so we could start thinking about it and figure out if we had all the right lengths of wood, etc.

Which quickly morphed into, "well, this would all be easier if the hedge weren't here".

Which quickly turned into, "let's just take down the hedge* now".

Which quickly became, "the hedge is down, let's clean up all the leaves and garbage and make a run to public works".

We're very lucky that our city Public Works yard - which is less than a mile away - lets you bring all your yard junk over for free. Stumps, shrubs, leaves, grass - whatever. And they're open all the time - sunrise to sunset in the summer. Which is super.

So we piled everything onto and into the Suby and took a run over there. It looked quite a lot like the Grinch's sleigh, or something. We did get a thumbs up and 'not bad!' raised eyebrow from a guy in a big ol' pickup truck on the way. People are always amazed how much crap you can haul in a Suby.

I digress. So we drove to public works and found out...the only day they're NOT open till sunset is Sunday! They closed at 3:00 and we got there at 4:00! So we had to drive back home with our unwieldy load and park it in the driveway all night. We were quite sure the neighbors had a laugh.

The real bummer was that we were going to go get iced coffees at Dunkin Donuts after we dropped the load, but we weren't going to make the extra detour down a busy road with all that crap on the roof. Anyways, we dropped it off first thing this morning then got coffee - so it worked out fine in the end. Just silly, as usual.

* By the way, we're not tree-killers. This part of the hedge - about 12 of 100 total feet - was pretty well dead from shading by overstory trees when we moved in. We rescued what we could back then, but the plan was that it would need to eventually be removed or replaced - it was really ratty. When we pulled it out yesterday, we could just pull these huge stems out of the ground - they were basically standing deadwood. A fence section will replace this hedge section.


Karen Anne said...

I don't think pulling out a hedge counts as tree killing :-)

Jennifer said...

Sometimes hedges need to "go away".

I love our Suby... it can really haul just about anything. I just got back from buying yet another door with it... fits just fine.

We bought a little travel trailer to haul with it, too... and I'm thinking of getting a little flat bed and selling the truck... I love the suby.

QD said...

That is almost as cool as a van with a uhaul