Friday, July 17, 2009

We solemnly swear put tools back where they belong. To put them back clean, dry, and happy.
We will occasionally even sharpen the pruners and clippers. We promise to avoid, at all costs, having the garden tools become a huge tangle from which no tool can later be extracted without major bouts of cursing.

We pledge to put the lids back on things, and put them on their shelves, not on the floor. We intend to keep the twine, ties, and other expendables restocked. We won't create tripping hazards by leaving everything strewn about.

We will always sweep up after a big potting mess, and will wipe up big spills. We'll avoid making loads of big cuts in the bench - though it is a workbench - and will make sure it's always presentable. We will do our best to stack the empty pots and fit them in their places. We will remember to occasionally see if there are un-used items that can go to the yard sale pile.

Do you think we can do it? You might have your doubts if you ever saw the garage in the pre-shed days. Only time will tell...

By the way, here's where you can get the totally cool tool hangers.

And, thanks to all our friends who brought over vintage shelf brackets to add to the collection. The shelves were salvaged from our own kitchen - they were the original pieces to which the wainscoting would have been attached if it had survived - sub-baseboards, if you will. We kept them and were thrilled to repurpose them in the shed.


Jennifer said...

That is the most fabulous shed I have EVER seen! It deserves to be kept clean! Good luck with that...

Karen Anne said...

That's inspirational, I almost wiped away a tear at the photo of the shovel with the lovely green bowl above it :-)

Okay, time to finish tackling my garage.

Anonymous said...

Amazing as always

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