Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Postcard from the edge

I'm away at a supernerd - I mean, work - conference this week, so I don't have any house photos to share. But - I visited a pottery gallery near this conference venue - the conference happens every two years and I like to check out their new work each time I'm here.

Although the glaze is glossy - typically not my fave - I love (LOVE!) the celadon color and the really quite organic and lighthearted design.

See that thing in the right front corner of the photo? It's a garden ornament, and I got one - though mine has dragonflies & frogs and other creepy crawlies on it. The artist even threw in a heavy duty bamboo stake! You just set the ornament on top. The thing was so cool that I had to pick one up to tuck in next to the shed and bench (more on that when I get back) despite a long-standing dislike of yard art. I think since this is truly art, it transcends our self-imposed yard art ban. We'll see if Ken agrees.

At any rate, we did finish the interior shed organization and the last garden bed (frantically) before I left. The sun obediently appeared the day after my bitchy post about the rain, so I guess that worked? I'll have to try controlling the weather more often. More details when I'm reunited with the camera...

A reminder to support your local artists, artisans, and farmers this summer - get out to those galleries and festivals and keep the local businesses thriving.


Jennifer said...

True art is different than garden art! My inlaws have the most gorgeous pond/yard/garden, with many pieces of REAL art. It is quite breathtaking. (My FIL was/is a stone scultor, and has many friends still in the art world to do work trades with.)

Karen Anne said...

I can't figure out what the "the right front corner of the photo? It's a garden ornament, " is, is the photo clipped in the blog maybe?