Monday, September 21, 2009

And the list goes on...

Still working on the punch list here. Sorry, folks who are hoping for a big new project to start - check back in November or December to see us tear up our bedroom.

This weekend, we worked our fingers to the bone - or, more appropriately, wore the fingers off our gloves - tidying up the garden/yard. We're not quite done, but we:
  • weeded all the beds
  • mowed the lawn
  • changed over annual planters to mums (yuck)
  • turned all the compost
  • raked leaves
  • watered every dang plant in the yard
  • pruned & deadheaded everything
  • Ken finished the grape trellis extension, then he
  • finished nailing the last few fence slats, then he
  • cut the large corner fence post down one level (the aesthetics weren't working), then
  • I built and installed a fence cap on it (made from scrap cedar + the lid of a cast lantern I got at a yard sale for $3 - which saved my life because I was sucking at cutting double miters to make a little cupola-type thingy).
This is me on my tiptoes, trying to get a photo of the little roof.
You gotta love these Autum Joy sedum - even though everyone else has them (usually I have to be different), they're still such a superstar.
Did I forget anything? I'm tired again, thinking about it. So the punch list is getting shorter. Here's what it looks like now, all in priority order & by category (at great risk to myself I post this, knowing that CAB is rolling her eyes and thinking, "You nerd").
Nerd or not, sh*t's getting done.


Jan Marie said...

Ditto on the Autumn Joy. Easy, cheap, and a big bang when all your other plants are past their peak appearance.

I was just getting ready to do a post on my garden blog about Autumn Joy...dang you beat me to it.

Love the post cap.

Karen Anne said...

When I click on your comment link, an ad comes up. This is reproducible.

Is this by design, or is something infected...

sarah said...

Karen Anne - that's interesting. It didn't just happen to me when I clicked the comment link, and I have no clue what it might be. ?

Amalie said...

I am so envious of your list with all the little lines through stuff! Crossing things off a list is the most satisfying thing in the world.

CAB said...

You're right. I totally was! :)

Anonymous said...

Now that you're done, any chance you can give us a pictorial tour of the grounds front and back?

sarah said...

Hey Anon - good idea! Work is CRAAAZY this month, but when we get a chance to breathe, we'll do that. Especially now that it's tidy :) I'm hoping to weed the very last messy garden section tonight.

Anonymous said...

Don't wait too long -- snow's not far off in your neck of the woods!