Sunday, September 13, 2009

A lot done, not much finished

Today was one of those days when everything on your long list gets stuck somewhere - either it takes much longer than you thought, or a series of bizarre other things need to get done before your thing can get done, or things just keep screwing up.

Regardless, we managed to get the kitchen door sanded - thanks to Ken's awesome technique and moral support (I stripped it last weekend), stained, and up. It still needs tung oil, but I can do that in situ. It has totally changed the character of the kitchen - it's so much better than a cracked, chippy old white door. It has presence.

So, even though only really one thing got finished this weekend, the stuff that did get done was pretty good.


Mama said...

Hi guys! I live in an apartment in Bangor, but next month will be making the big and mroe permanent move to our first home in Brewer. I was wondering if you knew of any local resources for finding old cast iron heating registers? I remember when I was a kid my parents taking me to some big warehouse type place in Vermont that sold reclaimed housing "parts"...but was wondering if you knew of anything closer by? I've checked ebay...and found only 1 item for the size we're looking for.

BTW - LOOOOOVE the kitchen green color in my ehad I call it "Martha Green" for her jadeite collection. NICE! :)

sarah said...

The kitchen color is called "Rejuvenate" which I just love. I think it was a Behr color?

Registers - I found some on ebay, which is tough as you mentioned (size, style). There is a place in Portland called Portland Architecturall Salvage - I'm sure they have lots but they're a little pricey (compared to ebay or Bangor stuff). Also, there's a barn-type antique/junk shop on Rte 1 in Searsport that might have some (hit or miss) - when you're driving, you'll notice it because there are all manner of tubs, sinks, etc. out front. They're not open year round. Check out all the local antique shops too - they sometime have salvage treasures. And I believe there's a salvage place in Scarborough? I think? where I got some old flooring.

Mama said...

Oh! We just took a trip to Belfast Coop last weekend, I know the place you're talking of. Thanks for all the great ideas! :)