Friday, September 4, 2009

The last dresser

We've been replacing dressers in our bedroom so we'll be all ready to go when we finally re-do our room later this year. So - I found the final one yesterday. Picked it up from a person who does one of those perpetual yard sale things (pretty common around here). You know, there are always tables of stuff with tarps on them in the yard, like year-round? The neighbors must LOVE that.

They had already sanded some parts of it, saving me work, but we still have a bit to do.

And - most importantly -we MUST change out the hardware. Before the dresser even touched the ground here in the bungalow, these pulls were OFF.

I know, they sort of make you throw up a little, don't they? Bleagh.

The frightening thing is that I bet they'll sell right away in next year's yard sale!


Alexis said...

You know some kid is going to love those. Yup, yard sale pile.

Gretchen said...

too funny!! I saw that dresser for sale, too, on UMaine's FirstClass email system - and I thought about contacting the seller to buy it! Good choice! Haha :)

Anna at bathroom vanities said...

Haha these are some cute handles...For KIDS! the color combination is a bit weird thou...
It does need a lot of work still so have fun! :-)