Sunday, September 7, 2008

Bend it like Beckham

A soccer-inspired title is the order of the week, with the US winning over Cuba.

We're bending stuff too - namely the fascia boards for the deck. We've been sneaking out in between things and doing bits of framing on the deck - which are all (but the small run of steps) finished now. So we moved on to bending some cedar to form the rounded shapes we need for the fascia. It rained, so augmented with more hose water, a bunch of clamps, ropes, and scrap lumber, and a respect for things under tension, we bent some wood last weekend.

This one was bent with a bunch of kerf cuts on the backside.

We managed to get the decking on the lower section of deck during an evening this week too (no pic yet). And this weekend, we have a whole day available (pending random catashtrophes), so hopefully we can make some serious progress.

Also, I bought a coping saw at Lowe's last weekend. $7.98. Nice.


Unknown said...

Way cool looking deck! And great post title, too.

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