Monday, September 15, 2008

Washout Sunday

We were sooo close to getting the rest of the decking on.

The plan for Sunday was to go to a brunch, then slip out a bit early to do some field work for the real job, then get back early enough to do the decking.

What happened was this: wake up, had 10 minutes to test using a cardboard template to cut the small-radius curve...(we just couldn't resist and we had time)...

...go to brunch, then head to the field site. We got almost all the way there before the 'chance of showers' the weather folks predicted had turned into waves of pouring rain you could hardly see through. So we had to abort the work mission. Luckily there was a Dunkin Donuts nearby (it is New England, after all), so we re-fueled on coffee (always extra yummy in the rain) and then decided on the way home - since it was still raining - to go to Lowes and get the remaining screws we needed, plus a couple little things.

Got home, changed into work clothes - still rain. Did a couple tiny punch list jobs in the bathroom and hall - still rain. We get it, Mother Nature. No decking today. Ah well.

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