Saturday, September 13, 2008

I love this game!

Bungalow '23 posted a Wordle - and it's such a cool little toy. I just made one based on our last few posts.

Not surprisingly, we used 'need', 'get' and 'mudroom' a lot. I'm glad to see that we used 'think' a moderate amount. And 'saw' - lots of use, probably both as a noun and a verb.

Very cool - thanks for showing this, Bungalow '23. p.s., check out their AWESOME window latches. Jealous? I am...

I couldn't resist doing another - here's one of the greatest poems ever written:


Sandy said...

Isn't that Wordle thing cool?

Josh said...

Thanks for the link and for the props on my wordle and window latches! Cool idea to try the wordle on a poem as well as your recent posts.

I'm also very impressed with your wood bending for the deck. I'll definitely check back to see how that project progresses.