Friday, March 12, 2010

Blue-green or green-blue?

Remember all those crazy multi-color names in the crayola box? Our bedroom is now one of them. It's blue-green, for sure - more green than blue. Even though I kept thinking about it as more blue all year.

Anyways, we love the color so far, despite the first-coat second guessing that happens every single time. The finish on these Sherwin Williams colors (eggshell, Harmony paint) turns out like old leather, and it really makes the color work, no matter what crayon you picked.

So - our painting fiesta is almost complete - we primed yesterday and did the ceiling and one coat of color today. One more coat on Sunday (I have a silly meeting all day tomorrow), then trim later next week and we're almost done!

Oh, by the way, we were lying when we said we went on hiatus to work for a couple of days - we actually snuck off to a secret vacation at Sugarloaf and didn't want to tell y'all we were gone. If you came over and stole my blue-green, I'd be pissed. The weather and snow were absolutely PERFECT, by the way. Divine.


Susie said...

LOVE the color and good for you for taking a vakay! Much deserved :)

Kristen said...

Wonderful, wonderful color! What did you say the name was again?

Sandy said...

I absolutely LOVE the color of the walls.

sarah said...

The wall color is Sherwin Williams, from the Arts & Crafts collection, it's called "Studio Blue Green".

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