Wednesday, March 24, 2010

We DO have something to wear!

We've had a tough time finding things to wear lately, because our clothes have been crammed in a variety of nooks and hung on backs of doors all over the house (and in bags, and baskets, and on get the picture). Last night, the paint was dry and all the parts were together in the closet - so we were able to move clothes back in! And today I'm wearing a shirt I haven't worn a hundred times over the last few weeks.

A shout-out to Ken, who successfully hung all the new hardware and fittings. It's an irritating job and he tackled it with gusto.

Before, the shrimpy (my) end of the closet:

After (note that, unlike previous - dare I say, lazy - painters, we actually painted all the baseboard and didn't just quit when we got to the part you can't see from the bedroom):

Before, view into the closet from the room (it all looks so grubby now, ick):

And after. Stay tuned to see how the newly-discovered door jamb, now cedar-clad, will become a shoe rack, next weekend...

And the middle part of the closet:

By the way, if you live in the Bangor area and plan to re-do a closet anytime soon, get thee to Marden's - they have a gigantic assortment of ClosetMaid stuff right now (all the fixtures & fittings you see here cost us a whopping $32, which is a total steal). It's all a bit dirty - like it sat in a wet warehouse too long - but it's brand new and cleans up easily. The corner shelf piece was about $10, and normally is $20 or more if not from a salvage store!


Jessie said...

Nice work! I just redid my closet too, but need to figure out a good shoe solution. I can't wait to see what you come up with.

goosefairy said...

I love the blue. What color did you use? I've been wanting to paint my bedroom a blue like that but it's hard getting the right one. :P

sarah said...

Goosefairy (nice handle, by the way) - it's Sherwin Williams Studio Blue Green (from their Arts & Crafts palette). Tell 'em I sent you - maybe I'll get a better discount with all the fans of this color I've helped create!

goosefairy said...

Thanks Sarah! I'll get a sample and try it out.