Sunday, March 7, 2010

Wonder twin powers, activate!

It's so great to have Ken working with me this week - his break started Saturday and we went all-out on the bedroom project. First, I finished wet sanding all the trim (ugh, but I finished on Sat. as the sun went down), and he stripped a bunch of wallpaper. Most was easy; some not so much. Progress by Sat. night:

And by tonight - all holes fixed and ready for final JC:

As he began wallpaper stripping in the closet, he noticed a shiny skimcoat on one wall, and it was coming off with the paper. Always the inquisitive one, he decided to poke a hole through (luckily it didn't go through the finished wall of the adjacent sitting room) - and he made perhaps the coolest find yet in the house - an old, closed-off doorway.

We knew the upstairs had been reconfigured (evidence: circa 1940s drywall), but weren't sure how. Anyways, it seems that the closet used to pass directly into the study. Regardless of the configuration, this find in the closet gives us about 8 inches (8 inches!) of extra depth on the wall where we were planning some sort of shoe storage. Now, we just have to do a bit of finish carpentry to have a HUGE shoe storage rack.

Shape of: a shoe cabinet! Form of: a cold beer (goodnight).


Jessie said...

Cool! We have a mysterious room upstairs too. It's obviously not original because the walls aren't plaster, and there's just something weird about it the way it's configured. I can't wait to rip down the walls and get to the bottom of it!

Susie said...

What an awesome find! I always wanted to find a secret room or compartment in my house (like Scooby-Doo or something). Can't wait to see the finished product. Thanks again for the help this weekend!

Karen Anne said...

Do you think the study used that opening into a closet, or was something else going on, i.e. the closet was built then or something and the study had been connected to the entire room?

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