Friday, August 15, 2008


It only took an hour, but a tough hour.

The rickety, crappy, falling-apart, crooked, ugly, evil steps, railing, and roof are all off the house, and sitting by the side of the road. We hope someone will take some or all of it for scrap metal or wood. If not, we'll call our local hauler-dude Monday.

Here's the back of the house, sans steps-porch thingy.

See those three holes? That's where they had 3 gigantic I-beams coming right through the side of the house to hold up the landing. Yikes.

Now we have to come & go through the side door, which Ken was smart enough to key the same - but both the screen and main doors are sticky* and awkward to get in (you come in halfway up the stairs). We did find a place to buy decking we can afford - seconds of white cedar - today, so hopefully we can finish up soon.

Ready to dig deck holes tomorrow, perhaps?

* Dad's soap trick fixed the screen door issue, but the main door is so out of shape it didn't work that well. Take a bar of ivory soap and rub it along the sides of the door and jamb where it sticks. Clean smelling and often less sticky doors in a jiffy!

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A. said...

Congratulations, great chair - I found a similar one a few months back but you got a better deal. Thanks for the tip about rubbing ivory on sticky doors, I am definitely going to give that one a try.