Sunday, August 17, 2008

What smells like poop?

What a weekend - tons of happenings.

First, we dig a bunch of holes Saturday. After a tough day of tearing off the back porch Friday, it was another tough day. We rented a hole digger (one person), and though it's quicker than digging by hand (18 holes on a half day), it was apparently very difficult. Ken dug them all (wow, Superman again), and almost got his arms ripped off - hmm, maybe 3 or 4 times? It was an evil, evil thing and a grumpy day.

The last hole hit our clay layer, and also apparently an antique cow manure pile. This whole neighborhood used to be a farm. It was totally cow manure - nothing else smells like that (and it didn't smell like the sort 0f good smell of the honeywagon.) YUCK. Our friend Seth came over, helped us get a bunch of concrete from Home Depot in his truck (way more carrying capability than the Suby), and while we were enjoying a beer on the patio, Seth goes, "What smells like poop?". Priceless. So we had to explain about the poopy hole. Can't wait to fill THAT one.

That was Saturday.

Sunday was waaay better. First, brunch with the folks from Bangor Foursquare - how cool to have 2 housebloggers in town? We had a great time, till we all had to get back to work!

Then, we had to go buy a hoe, come to find out, to mix the concrete. Our hardware store that's 2 blocks away & open on Sundays was out of hoes. Ken asked the cashier, "What, is there a hoe shortage?". Apparently so.

So I grumbled as we went a few miles down some back roads to the other hardware store that I know is open on Sundays (many, many Sundays have been spent swearing as I drive around looking for an open hardware store BESIDES the big boxes.)

And there, on the side of the road - a big yard sale. With a big mission oak rocker out front. Ken saw it, I missed it (driving) - so we went to the hardware store & stopped on the way back. It's in tough shape, but it's pretty damn cool - and we talked them down to $15 (!!!) - unbelievable.

Then, back to put in some concrete piers to hold the deck. My first time doing this, Ken has done a bit of this type of work. We got 3 of them in (of 13 for the deck), and then we were a bit tired and decided to wait on the rest.

We usually date our work, and were scrambling to find a 2008 penny as the concrete cured - but happened first on a 2008 quarter - the Arizona one that my Aunt was on the committee to design! so we put that in there (not the special ones you sent, Aunt Lanie - just a regular one we got as change).

And then, the icing on the cake - not a half hour ago, a guy stopped by and took one of the 3 ginormous pieces of the old crappy back porch. Yes!

So a good weekend overall, and a fantastic Sunday.


Karen Anne said...

I have mission oak rocker envy...

Jennifer said...

Very cool!

I'm seriously envious of your rocker... we saw one just like that in almost perfect condition at the yardsale across the street... and walked over just in time to hear her sell it to an antique dealer for $20. KIck. Kick. Kick.

Anonymous said...

Sarah and Ken,
WOW!!!! Every time I look this house looks better and better!!! I can't wait to see it in October.
Great idea for the AZ Quarter. Do you still need bricks?
Aunt Lanie

Anonymous said...

Because I'm such a humanitarian, I'll give you $16 for the rocker - instant profit for you!

Sandy said...

I, too, have mission oak rocker envy!

Nolan said...

What a great find! I'm jealous, too!

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