Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Paper covers cat

We love our pets. Every single day, at least one of them is a comedian and makes us stop in our tracks & laugh. Eddy's been pretty funny lately, with some very hilarious physical comedy (he's been falling down a lot, a side effect of an issue we're treating him for - he's fine, don't worry). No major injuries, just some falls on the face and off the bed (into a pile of comforter), etc. Once we make sure he's OK, it's hard not to giggle at least a little. I've always had a thing for trip & fall humor. Maybe because I do it so much myself...

Yesterday it was Vega. She is just so silly all the time!

We have this plant hanging in the dining room window that, once every 5 years or so, makes giant globs of juicy, thick flowers that leak nectar. Since it's right over the window seat, Ken put down some newpaper to keep the goo off the seat.

As I walked out of my study yesterday morning, all grumpy because of various stressful work things, there she was:

Looking at me like there was nothing odd about pretending a newspaper was a blanket. What? Aren't I supposed to be under here?

How do cats do that? They always act cool, no matter what. Good life lesson. She stayed there for an hour or so, chillin' with the Bangor Daily News. Thanks for the laugh, Vega.


Karen Anne said...

What a gorgeous kitty!

thom said...

Hey there - bangorfoursquare's other half here. This sounds like a perfect submission for stuffonmycat.com

See, Susie spends her days working on home repair and dreaming of Kevin from This Old House, while I spend my days watching dots go by on hundreds of computers and perusing the fringe of the internet, finding that there is a entire subculture of people who spend their free time running a website of nothing but people who take pictures of stuff on their cats. For some reason, I find this utterly fascinating.

On a more related note - your floor in your newer post looks awesome!

Sandy said...

What a delightful photo of a very pretty kitty!