Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Vega gets a thrill

Because of the patio work, we weren't keeping up with the birdfeeders, and had taken one down (that Ken kept hitting his head on) during the bricklaying. So, the squirrel had to get creative and get into the tiny feeder stuck to the window, which he previously had not been able to master. I think he stuck his toenails into the screen and scaled it - it was quite noisy just before I came in and saw him in the feeder.

Vega thoroughly enjoyed it from her window hammock. Yes, those are absolutely filthy window screens in the photo. We haven't done my study yet, so cleaning isn't a huge priority. Don't judge. Now the feeders are back up & full, so no more thrills for Vega - though she had a lot of fun catching, playing with, and ultimately eating (yuck!) a big moth the other night. When we see a bug in the house, I can yell, "Vega, where are you there's a bug?" and on cue, she'll come running in & catch it. What a cat! And definitely the best hunter in the house.


Sandy said...

Makes you wonder how that squirrel crammed himself into the bird feeder! LOL

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