Friday, August 8, 2008

This weekend: my designers' challenge

Patio's done. Wow. Still recovering, and sure we have a couple teeny jobs to do (finish backfilling around the edge, re-sand to be sure it's all locked in), but it's done.

The little patio is perfect - and we have a set of 2 chairs & side table I bought the very first summer we had the house - it just seemed like such a 'new homeowner' thing to do, to have outdoor furniture. I got a shepherd's hook from a lady at work for $5, and friend C gave me a blue glass candle lantern many years ago. Never thought of putting it all together till now. Thanks Care! Picture to follow if it EVER stops RAINING!

So of course now we want to sit on it and hang out. We have an old, rickety picnic table that's HUGE. We got it for free from someone on our work's e-bulletin board, and drove home with it upside down on top of the Suby. Looked pretty silly, but it worked just fine. Then we fixed it with some new bolts, repainted, and have used it for a few years. But, it's pretty rotten and wasn't that great to begin with. The seats are 2x6s (and just a single one), so it's pretty narrow and uncomfortable. We after seeing the furniture on Oh Bungalow, we started thinking, maybe we could have something a bit posh out there - and looked at furniture sets for a little while online.

But none were quite right, and we like to reduce, reuse, recycle - so Ken goes, "Why can't we just use some indoor chairs and oil or paint them for outdoors?" Bingo. So smart.

So this weekend's Designer Challenge to me is to find 4 (hopefully all different but well-coordinated) chairs and a table for very few $$ and re-finish them to match. I think then we can add some outdoor seat cushions for comfort and be ready to go with an us-style patio.

As This site reminds me, it does always look fabulous when indoor furniture is outside.

Stay tuned for the report on Monday. Let's see how this turns out.

And, what do you all think - should I paint them (accent color of house, light green), use one of those opaque stains, or leave natural & give them a good coat of spar varnish? Votes?


Heather said...

in regards to the chairs, I say either stain or varnish them. Natural wood is always my preference, plus when things get too matchy-matchy, I'm not a huge fan. But that's just me. :)

I wanted to comment & tell you that you MUST see Georgia Rule if you haven't already. I'm not saying it's a great movie (it is & it isn't, at the same time), but the house that Jane Fonda's character lives in is TO DIE FOR. You will die & go to bungalow heaven.

Anonymous said...

I'm totally intrigued by the colored stains, so I vote for that (for completely selfish reasons).