Friday, August 22, 2008

Not much progress - but dreaming of the pergola

Things are going s-l-o-w-l-y here. We were away part of the week, and had tons of work stuff before and after that. We've managed to get out & pour a few more concrete piers; tomorrow we have a nice, sunny day off to do the last concrete work (phew - it's a bit tough!). So no exciting photos to post.

But, we did get all our cedar last week. We found a local sawmill guy who sold cedar seconds, a.k.a., boards we can afford. We got the decking there, and all of the posts and lumber we'll need to build the fence & side yard pergola. So, in lieu of any of our own photos, here's our inspiration for the fence & pergola:

We'll tweak the pergola design a bit so it goes with the one on the other side (which picks up a detail from our roof's rafter tails). And we haven't decided yet - gate or no gate? Plus our fence will be a bit taller - more like 6 feet.

I love these - especially the overall scale of the elements in this photo. I believe they're at a Stickley property? Can't wait to build them - but it might be next year!


Jennifer said...

If you are doing a 6 foot fence, I would do a gate... I think it would help the balance a lot!

I love that pergola, by the way... it's VERY nice!

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