Friday, September 26, 2008

Ring of daisies

Today's the day I do my weekly one-woman performance entitled: "I'm supposed to be using up vacation time but have too much work to do". It goes something like this:

Curtain rises. Wake up. No alarm clock (Ken has only a late class to teach on Fridays). Put on orange lounge pants (meaning, OK to be seen in the yard/walking dog with, but that's about it) and comfy shirt. Eddy goes outside. Someone makes coffee. Ken exits stage left.

The woman makes a list of things to do today. The list is optimistic, more things than could be done in a whole weekend. Drinks coffee. Takes dog out again. Surveys yard. Goes back inside.

Then begins a series of activities, something like: checks email; throws in laundry; works on report; works in yard; makes couple calls; checks email again; puts up trim or paints something; lunch; works on computer; walks dog...etc.

So today, the first act of the play was Divide and Plant Daisies.

Our landscaping plan was, of course, pie in the sky - there were something like a hundred daisies shown on it. Clearly out of our budget. We already had 2 daisy plants going strong from the first summer we were here, and Mom gave us a few bucks which, together with our coupons from the greenhouse, bought two giant daisies.

Why all the daisies, one might ask? I love 'em. Love them, love them, love them. Daisies are awesome. They are very cold hardy, look great cut, and are just so happy. My great grandmother's name was Daisy. And Ken once took this amazing photo for me, when he was working out by the forest roads downeast, of daisies along the dirt road with a blue sky and clouds. I don't have it here, but I'll add it later...

Unfortunately, we couldn't split them up when we got them - it was too hot. So all the daisies have been sitting in the ground in a big ol' clump waiting for cooler weather. Well, here it is.

So this morning after the email check and coffee, Eddy & I went out & split daisies. Would you believe, we got about 30 plants out of those 4? They were very cooperative and just came right apart for us. Deadheaded them, weeded a bit (oh boy, are we behind on that!) and now we have a ring o' daisies to look at from the patio-deck complex. Hopefully everyone will make it through the winter.

We also got in touch with the cedar lumber guy, so later we can go pick up the last couple boards we need for the steps - then Eddy can stop being so worried about the temporary steps falling off when he stands on them. He's such a worrywart!

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Jennifer said...

Yeah daisies! I split mine up last year and got 4 out of one plant...