Monday, January 19, 2009

Deeper than dog

It snowed. A lot. The neighbor says 18", but I think it's more like a foot. On top of the other foot we got recently. On top of some other miscellaneous snow and ice. So it's now pretty deep. At least it has warmed up by about 50 degrees to about 30 ABOVE zero. It's like summer out there!

Post-shoveling and pre- work conference call, Eddy & I took the camera out for a stroll. He loves, loves, loves the snow - but it's so deep now that we have to shovel him some dog trails out back to do his business. Luckily most people in the neighborhood clear their sidewalks, so we're able to go for long walks without too much trouble.

Eddy poses by a snowbank at the corner by the park, for scale. Even where not piled up, it's over his head now.

Two streets over, the sidewalk was pretty photogenic. Love that winter light. The big Y tree on the right has one of those push-in faces on it; I didn't notice while I was taking the photo.

Next year's X-mas card? Two houses over, the lights were still up in the bush out front and looking oh-so picture-perfect.

Our big tree out back - poking out of the deck. This guy is a giant.

The cozy bungalow. The snow in the extreme foreground is the snowbank between the sidewalk and road.


Shane said...

I love that sidewalk photo. What state are you in again? We (in North Dakota) have gotten a lot of snow, but not quite like that! Looks like lake effect snow to me, but I could be wrong :)

sarah said...

The great State of Maine. Not lake effect, but a good solid Maine dumping.

niartist said...

Ugh! I'm in Buffalo, and I know snow - and I am getting plenty tired of it! LOL! Great blog - I live in a Craftsman too, and I'm enjoying your blog. Off to read more!

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