Tuesday, January 20, 2009


Despite my tendency to be politically-obsessed, we at the Bungalow try to be non-political in our blog posts.

But today is the day for rules to be broken. An unbelievable day for our generation.

We must "pick ourselves up, dust ourselves off, and take up again the work of remaking America."

We at Bangor Bungalow are also humbled, grateful, mindful, and HOPEFUL. And if we can remake an old house with four hands, a few old tools, and spare change, then we can remake a country with sheer force of will. Congratulations and best wishes, President Obama!


Karen Anne said...

I now have hope that we're not going to go the way of the ancient Romans.

Anonymous said...

Ah, Former President Bush. It's so gratifying to type that I think I'll do it again - Former President Bush.

Admin said...

Mission Accomplished! WAHOOO!!!

Now, Let's get back to houseblogging.

Ashley said...

I love that your blog is all about BUNGalows! :)

When you get a chance, come check us out at http://thebungblog.blogspot.com/