Sunday, January 11, 2009

To do list: almost done

We're in the home stretch on our holiday break, and in addition to sleeping late, skiing, and generally chillin', we are kicking butt on our to-do list.

Here's the little end table, on the to-do list since the month we bought the house (4 years ago!), all finished - or re-finished, I guess. I just stripped off a layer of goopy old varnish - complete with loads of blue crayon - and then gave it several coats of tung oil. Good as new. Especially since we only paid $12 for it and it's solid mahogany, it looks like.

Ken finished re-weatherizing the front door, and we did a serious job of stripping all the animal and plaid wallpaper this morning. That's why I ended up with "Eye of the Tiger" stuck in my head all day. That was fun.

Also, we've been catching up on the Before and After Gallery, to the right. Two down, a couple more rooms to go! Not sure how we got so behind on those. Wait - we've been busy fixing up the house. That's how.

Oh, and here's Henry's to-do list. Napping. Yes, that's a cat wearing a blanket. He's such a hedonist.


Dawn said...

kitty meow meow! my max likes the same thing!

Anonymous said...

I'm so glad you left that animal-print paper up for so long. It makes me feel less bad about the floral trim that's still in our dining room.

niartist said...

Great deal on that table - and it looks great!

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