Monday, January 5, 2009

Adventures in furniture

So, the guest room is done and we're ready to start on the Animal Room...but it's tough to just launch into it, so while Ken is on hiatus this week (his best buddy is in town and we have some skiing and they have other adventures to do), I figured I'll catch up on all that furniture and the accessories I've collected over the past year. Also, we'll need these rockers to furnish the Animal Room when it's done, so we're just thinking ahead. Yeah, that's it. Some things I've already done - this ebay find (but local Maine) footstool was done last week, to go with the chair Ken & I did a month or so ago.

I also did a mini rocker (kid size) that I snagged at a yard sale for a few bucks up north, and thought it would be cute for a friend's little guy who was visiting. Now I think we'll put it up on ebay since it doesn't get any use here.

Next up is this big rocker that Ken saw at a yard sale, and he skillfully negotiated them down to $16. It's in great shape, and is a new challenge since I've never re-tied springs or reupholstered a sprung seat before. post will either chronicle a success or a horrible spring incident (ever see the Simpsons where Homer got all the springs to be the mascot for the Springfield Olympics then they didn't use them? And they got stuck in all sorts of horrible places like people's eyes? Shudder.) By the way, it's ridiculous how much extraneous info is catalogued on Wikipedia, no? EVERYTHING is there, down to individual Simpsonses. Hmm. Not sure what I think about that.

Then I have a little bench we're stowing pellets under, and an end table I bought, oh, 3 years ago and still haven't refinished. We'll get there.

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