Saturday, December 27, 2008

Funny we should mention boogers...

because I got my annual Winter Cold. Always when on vacation. Oh, well. At least we weren't traveling. And it's not a terrible cold, just bad enough to keep me (mostly) on the couch a couple of days. Or in front of the pellet stove - that works too.

Not bad enough to keep me from 'supervising' Ken as he installed the cedar ceiling and closet rack-kit-thingy in the guest room. I got the cedar on a research trip to Home Depot - I planned to spend a good hour contemplating new developments in the field of DIY closet organization in the aisles of HD. Sometimes you just need to stand there and look, right? Well, I found a couple of cool things.

First, the cedar lining. It's cedar panels, like wainscoting - tongue & groove and all beveled on the edges. They also had cedar OSB, which was kind of cool - maybe for a modern house. At about $20, I figured I'd pick up a box of the panels and we could throw it on the guest room closet ceiling - which had lacquered plywood (eew) on it, in somebody's halfhearted attempt to camoflage some probably falling-down plaster. We didn't dig into the whole plaster operation either, but figured the cedar would be a bit posh, and certainly preferable to sanding and painting the plywood. Smells purty, too. We signed the plywood for posterity (in case anyone gives a damn when the closet was re-done).

These wacky upside down photos are just about how my stuffy old head has been feeling. Sorry if I give you vertigo. The 'after' photo is not quite done - it was taken just before the last piece went in, and before moulding.

On my closet research trip, I also grabbed a big old wire shelving kit and Ken was very zen-like installing it - especially since we were both in the closet at some points in the operation, and it's not very big. 60 seconds in heaven, right? Photos of that later.

We also finished some touch-up work and have almost wrapped up the guest room. Tomorrow I think I'll be feeling better and we'll see if we can get most of the rest of the small jobs done. I hope I'm feeling better - I've been basically a human water balloon since X-Mas, consuming tea by the gallons.


Anonymous said...

A cedar closet ceiling is genius. I love the smell, but hate the look of it on the walls.

Consider your idea stolen. Tee-hee!

Anonymous said...

Can't stand the smell of cedar, gives me a migraine. I would have said don't do this, in terms of resale value.

sarah said...

Yeah, the smell reminds me of hamster cages, but we have some very nice wool blankets we store in there & we refuse to use mothballs, so cedar it is. Always good to hear the other point of view, though.

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