Thursday, December 4, 2008

Hi gorgeous!

Now this is eye candy. We found this little gem on ebay, after realizing we needed some sort of hod/scuttle/bucket to pour pellets in the stove (after making several giant messes with them). The seller was willing to negotiate on shipping, and next thing you know, we got this lovely arts & crafts style, hand-hammered, heavy coal scuttle. Nothing like an early X-mas present to yourself, eh? It cost less than a boring, machine made, modern ugly coal hod. So far, not much mess. And it looks so damn good, who cares how it works? (Frank Lloyd Wright, I hope you didn't hear that).


Anonymous said...

A coal scuttle, huh? I've seen buckets like that before, but I've always assumed they were some sort of high-capacity bedpan. Good to know!

Jennifer said...

VERY cool! I love it.

Anonymous said...


I don't know if you remember me but I'm a friend of Catherine's and visited your house a few years ago over "Tequila Day" weekend with my wife Mary (Catherine's friend from environmental camp in NJ). I was surfing for info on bungalows yesterday and came across your blog on I suddenly realized - I know that house! What a small internet world. Thanks for sharing all these great house stories. I love the blog. Hope you and Ken are well


sarah said...

Hey Alexis - of course we remember you! We love you guys! How's your house going? Catherine has my email if you want to get in touch. Best to you & Mary -