Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Iron pig

Hey Schmich-Schackers! Our guest room is almost done - finally - too! After a couple of small jobs this week, we officially finished the prep stage. Ken did the final sand on the ceiling. Ken is the bomb: he not only follows my rule that I'm to be called the Stove Princess and that I have dibs on the chair in front of the pellet stove, but also is cool with the fact that I totally refuse to do any ceiling work because it sucks! I fixed/filled/final sanded any repairs to the trim, scrubbed all the dust and goo out of everything (yick!) and we both went over the walls with an eye for missed cracks and problems.

This is good news, dear family & friends, because your holiday presents are somewhere in this giant pile:

Which is where we stored everything we unceremoniously yanked out of the guest room. Those built in drawers were our gift wrap - present - holiday miscellaneous storage, so sort of a dumb time to shove it all in the tiniest room in the house.

So last night Ken painted the radiator. You don't want to see the job I do with a can of spray paint - it's not one of my special talents. So he does that too. We found out that Rustoleum Antique White is pretty damn close to Sherwin Williams White Hyacinth, the trim color. Like scary close. Especially because it's glossy. Anyone without the world's best eye for color won't notice the difference.
Also note: the giant novelty plastic bags that came on the pallets of pellets make lovely dropcloths!

Oh, and we should mention something about painting radiators. According to The Bible (Renovating Old Houses by Nash), it's totally kosher. See below (I'm too lazy to re-type):

This weekend: paint goes on the walls and maybe trim too! Then we can dig out the gifts.

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Kristen said...

Wahoo! Guest rooms for everyone! I'm crazy jealous of your no-ceiling-work clause. I think I traded mine in for a no-basement-work clause...

Can't wait to see!