Sunday, December 14, 2008

We can do it!

You know Rosie.
Not this one. What the heck is she doing with a new show anyways. Eek.

So, did you happen to catch "It's a Wonderful Life" last night? We did. I mean, how can you possibly flip past any movie with Jimmy Stewart? Especially this one. Even though "Mr. Smith Goes to Washington" is the best ever.

Anyways, on the 1946 classic last night, I noticed that Mary was totally an early home makeover diva! In the part when they gloss over the period of time between them getting married and the day he meets Clarence, the narrator notes that Mary did everything she could to make the drafty old house a home - and sure as shit, there she is up on a ladder in a dress and big gloves, squeegie-ing wallpaper.

Rosie was the it girl around the early 1940s, paving the way for Mary's character to be a total badass and all around hostess, mom, and generally fab woman. Damn girl, you can do it! Mary totally rocks, for restoring an old home AND looking good doing it in a dress. She should see some of the get-ups I wear.

Note to self: be more elegant while restoring house.


Karen Anne said...

Skip the girdle, though :-)

Anonymous said...

She sure missed the top of that newel post though, huh? I guess stairway safety comes after elegance in the Bailey house!

Amalie said...

I love love love that movie (Holiday Inn is my most favoritest, though). But did you notice that they stretched it out with commercial breaks over 3 hours?!? I fell asleep right around Clarence's dive into the water. Grrr.

But yes, Mary was definitely a badass.