Saturday, December 20, 2008

You can be Santa...

We had decided to go shopping for some dog & cat beds and toys, and drop them off at the local animal shelter. We usually donate in some way to the shelter whenever we can, and this year it seemed especially poignant since Eddy has had a rough time. Both of our cats came from this shelter and Eddy was a rescue too, and if we could save all the dogs & cats, we would. And bunnies too - they had bunnies there. My favorite bunny had one ear up and one flopped over - very cute.

We dropped off our load of items, and took a walk around to see all the animals. A little boy was there with his family, picking out a dog, so at least one guy was heading home soon. We think there was at least a toy or bed for all the other guys, but it was still tough to see them there. The staff was very thankful about the donation, and I'm sure the dogs & cats were even more so.

A sign on the door reminded us that it doesn't have to be fancy - animal shelters, as this one did, often "desperately need towels and pillowcases". We've also brought over old blankets, big pieces of fleece from never-finished projects, old pillows, etc.

So, as you finish your bathroom remodel & dress it up with a new set of towels, open a nice package of new sheets for the holidays, or upgrade to a great period-style quilt, consider bringing the old ones to your local shelter. Because everybody deserves a warm bed.

Well, these two guys are kind of ridiculous in their little taquito.

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The Tall Skinny House said...

Your idea is a great one; nice of you to post this reminder for us all. I feel the same as you; I want to run out and bring home every animal, especially with all the commercials about shelter animals that tug at my heart! :(