Sunday, December 21, 2008

Houseblog haiku

Henry was all curled up in his bed, staring zen-like out the window at the snow, and he made us think of haiku. Then we ended up thinking of haiku as we (finally!) painted - or technically, primed the guest room.

Painting while snowing;
primer is white, snow is white.
They cover the old.

Ken was meditating on a potential paint color disaster:

Awesome* girlfriend cries,
"WTF is going on?"
Room is wrong color.

* Note: originally was "nagging", he changed to "awesome".

On the painting process:

The rasping brush leads,
squishy roller following.
Primer covers all.

Previous color scheme:

Green paint, pepto paint,
Pink and blue trim, many coats,
What were they thinking?

On tomorrow's agenda:

Big snow day arrives.
We can finish the ceiling.
Then time for color.


Karen Anne said...

Looking way better already. What color(s) did you decide on?

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